Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Want All Motor Vehicles Licensed

The aldermen of Boston are wrestling with an ordinance to
compel the licensing of all motor vehicles. The ordinance introduced
reads as follows :
Nor shall any owner or driver of any vehicle drive it or permit it to be driven on the streets of Boston by power of steam, gas, gasolene, naphtha, compressed air, electricity or combination of any or all without a permit from the Board of Aldermen.
There is no shallow of justification for the licensing of motor
vehicles, unless all vehicles are to be licensed. The motor
vehicle is not a road destroyer like the horse, but a road
maker; it is safer and more manageable than a horse; it will
relieve the congestion of the streets and facilitate travel and
traffic in general. How, then, can it rightly be subject to
restrictions from which horse vehicles are exempt?

This matter was quite fully discussed in our issue of April
11, and it is safe to say now, as was said then, that any such
general ordinance as that cited above would quickly become a
dead letter if the lawmakers are foolish enough to pass it.

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