Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Clark Detachable Tire.

The Clark Tire Company, of Chicago,
111., have recently placed upon the market
a new detachable tire, differing considerably
from the usual tire of this description.
It is composed of a strut band, a casing
and an inner tubing.

The strut band is composed of a strip of
metal to which are attached a number of
struts so spaced and arranged that when
placed on the rim five of the struts engage
the openings in a standard rim.

The casing is made of the Para rubber
and constricting fabric; it is molded in
oval form to give it a compressed tread.
Upon each side of the casing is a chafing
roll so placed as to lie directly upon the
rim edges, thus preventing the rim from
coming in contact with the casing proper.
Eyelets are placed in the casing under the
chafing rolls and so spaced as to engage
the struts on the band.

The tube is said to be of extra heavy

The compressed tread is an advantage,
as by its means cuts or punctures have a
tendency to close immediately. The manufacturers,
however, do not claim a puncture
proof tire.

Repairs can be effected on the road, and
without the use of tools any part of the
casing can be released and the inner tube
withdrawn at the place punctured, a patch
applied and a permanent repair effected,
without the loss of much time.

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