Thursday, September 17, 2009

Automobile Accidents

A five year old girl was run over and killed by an electric cab in New York last
week. It appears from the testimony of the driver that she ran from the curb directly
in front of the vehicle.

On August 23 a machine occupied by J.A. Hands and J. F. Merk ran into an obstruction
just outside the Brighton Beach track, and the two men were thrown out,
Mr. Hands breaking an arm.

While practicing on the Brighton Beach track on the morning of the races; H. C.
Smith got too near the fence with his Winton machine and struck a post with rather
bad results to both fence and vehicle.

Mr. and Mrs. John Mills, of St. David's, Pa., were thrown from their automobile
while passing through Bryn Mawr on August 23, and were badly injured. While the
machine was ascending a grade, with Mrs. Mills in charge of the levers, a chain broke
and the auto came to a stop with a jerk sufficiently abrupt to unseat the two occupants,
and both were thrown violently into the road.

A touring car occupied by Dr. A. A. Webber and S. C. Blaisdell, of Brooklyn,
came to grief at Lynbrook, L. I., on August 24. It was being driven at a high speed
when, to avoid a horse vehicle suddenly looming up, the driver turned out abruptly
and ran the machine into the ditch. The two occupants were painfully injured and
the machine badly wrecked.

Price: Ten Cents.

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