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INDIANAPOLIS, IND., Oct. 4—When the summary had been figured out in
the first annual amateur sociability run last night, it was found the event had
been won by a woman. The winner was Miss Katrina Fertig, who came within 63
seconds of the secret schedule arranged for cars of class B, costing from $2,001 to
$3,000. Miss Fertig a year ago was one of the few drivers making a perfect score
in the reliability run to French Lick Springs and return. The run, which took
the place of the annual reliability run, was exclusively for private owners and
their drivers. There were no penalties and practically no rules, except that a professional
driver must have been in the employ of his employer for at least 30 days
before the run. None of the contestants knew the schedule upon which they were
supposed to run. There were four classes, and Robert B. Kramer, of Attica, arranged
a schedule for each class. This was kept  sealed until after all of the cars had returned
to this city, and there was much surprise, when it was found a woman had
won. Almost ideal weather and road conditions prevailed.

The run was to Mudlavia Springs and return, a pretty little resort in northern
Indiana, 5 miles from Attica. The outbound route was 83 miles long, going
through Crawfordsville, New Richmond. Newton and Attica. Returning, the route
was 104 miles, through Lafayette and Lebanon. There were four classes of entries,
as follows: Class A, cars selling $3,001 and over; class B, cars selling $2,001
to $3,000; class C, cars selling $1,001 to $2,000, and class D, cars selling at $1,000
and under. The running time for the different classes was: Class A, going
3:38:09, returning 4:54:21, total 8:32:30; class B, going 3:58:24, returning 5:19:09,
total, 9:17:33; class C, going 4:23:35, returning 5:38:42, total 10:02:17; class D,
going 4:50:03, returning 6:02:11, total 10:52:14. The results:

Car and Entrant         Time
Packard 30, H. A. Archev 8 :25 :30
Packard IS, P. L. Wiltshire 8 :16 :30
Stoddard-Dayton. Carl G. Fisher.     Withdrawn
Locomobile, L. M. Wainwright 9 :14 :20
Stearns, J. T. Alfree        Withdrawn
Packard 18, W. A. Atkins 7 :31:03

Premier, George A. Weidley 9 :56 :30
Premier, Miss Katrina Fertig 9 :16 :30
Knox, E. H. Wilson        Withdrawn
Premier, H. E. Stafford         9 :07 :00
Premier, L. W. Cooper        10 :12 :13
Premier, Bert A. Boyd 9 :59 :05
Premier, Miss Elizabeth Love 9 :43 :00
Premier, Mrs. Frank Schussler 9 :38 :30

CLASS C—SCHEDULE, 10 :02 :17
S-M-F, ,T. Rotbart         9 :01 :30
Overland, John A. George Withdrawn
E-M-F, H. H. Hauger Withdrawn
Oakland, Herbert Herff         Withdrawn
E-M-F, Joseph T. Elliott         8 :48 :32

CLASS D—SCHEDULE, 10 :52 :14
Maxwell, John Hayden 9 :32 :00
Hupmobile, F. I. Willis 10 :35 :30
Empire, Paul Smith         Official car

The prize was awarded to the driver of any class keeping closest to the schedule
in his class. The prize was a silver trophy donated by the Warner Instrument Co.,
which is to be contested for each year, unless one person can hold it 3 years in
succession, in which event he is to retain possession of the trophy. There were a
number of accidents, but fortunately none of them was serious. On Saturday the
Stoddard-Dayton confetti car No. 13, driven by Barrett Saltzgaber, ran into a
ditch between Crawfordsville and New Richmond and was wrecked. Mr.
Saltzgaber was only slightly injured and the Packard car, driven by H. A. Archer,
picked up the crew of the confetti car and carried it into Mudlavia.

Immediately after arriving at Mudlavia. dinner was served at the hotel at the resort.
This was followed by a hill-climb on the Devil's Elbow hill, which is about
1,030 feet long and ranges from a 9 to a 15 per cent grade. At the expense of Mr.
Kramer, of Attica, the hill was graded and the turns banked, and a timing device
was furnished by H. J. Sconce, of Sidell, Ill. Cars of each class participated in the
hill-climb. The winners of the various classes then entered a handicap climb, the
winner of this receiving a silver cup. The event was won by Carl G. Fisher, driving
a Stoddard-Dayton. The following is a summary of the hill climb:

Car and Driver                          Time
Stoddard-Dayton, Carl G. Fisher :20
Stearns, J. T. Alfree                 :22 1-2
Locomobile, L. M. Wainwright :27 1-4

Knox, E. H. Wilson                 :22 3-4
Premier, Miss K. Fertig                 :27 1-4
Premier, Mrs. F. Schussler         :35 1-4

Buick, Dr. P. H. Keys         :25 1-2
Oakland, Herbert Herff                 :25 3-4

Maxwell, John Hayden         :28 3-4
Hupmobile, F. I. Willis         :43 1-2

Car, Handicap, Driver         Time

Stoddard-Dayton, scratch, Fisher :19 3-5
Buick, :05 1-2, Keys         :28 3-5
Knox, :02 3-4, Wilson         :23 4-5
Maxwell, :08 3-4, Hayden         :30

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