Thursday, October 15, 2009


Carrying extra tires inflated and ready to run, a new demountable rim has been
developed by the Diamond Rubber Company, of Akron. O. The rim has just
been placed on the market and will have a conspicuous place in the Diamond
products for 1910. In design and construction it is both simple and strong
and permits the removal of the damaged tire with the application of a fresh one,
pumped up and ready for running, in scarcely more time than is required to
jack up the wheel.

A notable improvement over the Diamond 1909 demountable equipment is the
fact that the rim can be fitted to any automobile wheel felloe of regulation
construction without material alteration of the same. No machine work is necessary
on the wheel band or elsewhere and any competent blacksmith can, the
Diamond Rubber Company states, do the job properly and inexpensively. A
further improvement eliminates the necessity of mortising out the felloe to
admit the valve stem of the inner tube. A series of wedges fitting between the
wheel band and the rim itself take up all possible play and make the fit tight
and secure. For the same reason small irregularities, due to dinging of rim or
band or other causes, cannot interfere with the rim's quick and easy operation.

The new Diamond demountable will accommodate any standard make of
regular clincher tire. The Diamond Company has spent much time and energy
in developing and testing this new product and the vigor with which the
rim is being pushed is plainly indicative of the company's own confidence therein.