Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vanerbilt Race Ban

Auto Club Announces Disqualification of All Who Take Part.

The Automobile Club of America, through its contest committee, officially placed the ban of
the automobile clubs of Europe upon the Vanderbilt cup race, to be held by the American
Automobile Association in Long Island on October 24. last night. A resolution was adopted
declaring; that any manufacturer, owner, driver, mechanician or agent taking part in
Una or any other American international race not sanctioned by the club would be debarred
from all races to be held in the future, here or abroad under the sanction of any member of
the International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs, of which the Automobile Club
of America Is the only American member. The action marks the final break between the
two great automobile bodies, and war to the knife will follow.

Among those present at the committee's meeting last night was H. C. Pierson, of the
Massachusetts Automobile Club. which was taken to indicate a coming breach
between that body and the American Automobile Association.